Welcome to Sark Textile. We have a passion for great quality fabrics and hope to share this with you.

We wouldn’t be here without dedicated customers, and so in recognition of this we constantly strive to provide the most beautiful designs. We will source the best and most current textiles to ensure we can help our wholesale customers keep up with the latest trends.

At Sark Textiles we understand that sometimes you might just need a few bits to complete your in-store offerings, so once you have made your first order, which needs to be in excess of £500 excluding VAT, any subsequent orders can be any amount.

• £500 first time transaction minimum purchase.
• Over £250 order free carriage
• Under £250 order will be charged carriage

We hope you enjoy browsing our site, but most importantly, we hope you enjoy our fabrics. Remember, to be able to view wholesale product prices, you need to create an account – https://sarktextile.co.uk/ and be logged in.

Sarah & Mark Patterson

The Sark Textile Story

The story begins with a little girl, the youngest of seven children born in humble circumstances in a fishing village in South Korea, her name was Youngsuk Jeong. Her earliest memories are of collecting seaweed for sale and helping her mother, whose eyesight was failing, sewing clothing and bedding for the large family. Despite the poor circumstances, Youngsuk was always encouraged to study by her mother and many sacrifices were made to ensure that even the youngest daughter attended school and her aptitude ultimately resulted in her attaining two degrees and two Masters.

During her academic studies, Youngsuk was encouraged to travel and improve her knowledge of the English language as most of the texts she needed to read were in English. Arriving in the UK in December 2003 she studied and settled in Bournemouth, ten years later she returned to her first passion, sewing. Youngsuk, now known as Sarah, opened a shop in Bournemouth selling fabric, providing sewing lessons and re-upholstering furniture. Initially the fabrics were sourced through Wholesalers in the UK but she always remembered the Markets in Korea and often bought fabric while on trips to visit friends and family in Korea.

Soon after opening her shop, she met her future husband and now business partner Mark, who was looking for a piece of furniture in her shop and thus a new stage started.

Due to a bout of illness it was considered that the shop should close and sewing lessons were moved to their house with a new studio built for that purpose in the garden, in effect the Sewing-Sanctuary was born. Retail sales were moved to a Web platform and increased attendance at sewing and Craft shows around the Country.



Each trip to Korea provided new opportunities to research new textile sources and fabrics, all new fabric purchases were now being made in Korea and new types of fabrics were introduced to customers, Linen, Denim, Jersey and Laminated cottons.

To show off these materials and their potential uses, Sarah developed patterns for various bags, toy animals, Children’s clothing, Nappy changing mats and many more.

Sark Textile is the next chapter, creating a Wholesaler is a new venture, we hope to bring together our own fabric designs, the finest fabrics from Korea, our unique sewing pattern designs and provide them to our Wholesale customers for the first time.